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I can help you solve your business challenge, no matter which direction or how far your business is going.  We work together as a team to analyze your challenge, generate actionable feedback, set realistic goals and create a workable plan to reach them.


Value created.  Challenge resolved.



My heart and soul belong to the small businesses in my community on Cape Cod.  Since moving here in 2004, I have been committed to supporting local businesses - financially as well as professionally - casually and through formal relationships.  In 2014, I am devoting myself to this venture full-time, and appreciate the opportunity to create value on the Cape.  



My vision is to enable any person with a passion on Cape Cod to create a way to build a successful business right here.  You  can focus on your passion, I can focus on the indirect components.  Together we can create value, and succeed.  



  • Business Strategy

  • Business Operations

  • Review / Develop Business Plans

  • Project Management

  • Product / Business Marketing

  • ​Financial Management

  • ​Website Development ​

  • Business Coaching

  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation

In the 1970's, my Dad converted our fireplace into a wood stove, so we could supplement our very expensive oil heating with wood - my first introduction to alternative energy sources.  He also rode his bike to work and home - 16 miles round trip.  Today, I drive a Prius, with regenerative breaking and a hybrid engine.  My brother, 100% sound engineer and 50% electrical engineer, has designed and uses solar-powered batteries to power outdoor events.  His reasons are incredibly compelling.  Read about them here.    


I have far more to learn about solar, wind, geo-thermal, and other sources of energy.  I have barely started down this path, and I know there is always more than one way.


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