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Talk to Meghan (TTM) is a consulting firm that lets you focus on your business passion.  TTM can help at any stage of your business life cycle; whether you are just starting out, you want to expand, or you want to fine-tune your existing business.  You know your product inside and out - you live, eat, and sleep it.  Talk to Meghan when you have a business question or challenge you don't have time for.  TTM can get you focused back on your passion fast.  We offer the services below and more.  Ask for a free, no-obligation consultation by emailing TTM.



TTM can help you decide which direction to pursue, and determine the resources and timing needed to reach your strategic goals(s).  Do you want to reaffirm your mission?  Do you have a new idea or a new target customer?  Contact TTM for help in achieving your short and long-term objectives.



How do people find you?  What is your message when they do?  How do you convert inquiries into sales?  TTM can help you put together a communication plan including on-line messaging, an editorial calendar, and options for letting the community know and understand your value proposition.  Sales are easy when you lower or remove any barriers to buying.  



You have a product or service, and a plan.  Now what?  How accurate is your inventory?  What rate should you charge?  Who does your bookkeeping?  In other words, how do you maximize the value of your business?  TTM can help you tackle these challenges, and set up processes to keep your business running smoothly.



Plan the work and work the plan.  Need help building a roadmap?  TTM can provide reviews of your business plan, or help you build one from scratch.  We will work through product and market analyses, prepare financial forecasts, and design a marketing and sales strategy for your business.  You will have a cohesive plan to help you succeed.  



Your day-to-day operations are great, but maybe you want…

o To change locations

o To enhance your marketing communications

o To introduce a new product, etc.

TTM brings solid experience in to help you with one-off projects.  This lets you keep your core resources focused on your core business. Bring TTM in for peripheral work.  



A major key to business success is to understand the risks for your business.  Define the risks.  Describe their impact.  Mitigate the ones that have the biggest impact.  TTM can help  you put a risk management plan in place.  Every business has risks.  Successful businesses face them.

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