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Cape Cod Business Consulting



Talk to Meghan (TTM) exists because of you.  I love living on Cape Cod, and feel privileged to know so many of my clients personally.


My philosophy is basic.  I actively listen to understand your business.  I work with you to define your challenge(s).  We solve them together. 


I moved to Cape Cod in December, 2004; remember that year we got 96 inches of snow?  I remember it!  I spent three years commuting to Boston and back - through snow, rain, tourist traffic and accidents.  I never left the Cape on weekends - why would I?


I left my city job in order to be an active member of my community.  I eat and sleep here, why shouldn't I work... and shop... and play... here?  


The more time I spend here, the more impressed I am with the local economy and businesses.  I also see a lot of turnover and ask myself - why?  And how can I help prevent it?  I have an MBA from MIT - I should be able to put this to work.  


Many of my friends struggle with the challenges of owning a business on Cape Cod.  At the same time they adore the quality of life we have here, and do anything to make it work.  Over coffee, dog walks, weeding, and dinner, I found myself listening hard, probing, and quietly offering suggestions on how to work smarter, not harder.  


Guess what?  My suggestions worked.  

I realized not only do I want to live, work and play on Cape Cod, I want to be surrounded by businesses and colleagues who want the same thing.  I also realized I can help them.

Talk to Meghan grew out of these realizations.  I understand the impact of widely fluctuating seasonal demand.  I understand that we need plans that work for each time of year.  And I understand having a passion is great - having the structure in place to create value for you and the community is even better. 


I have a simple goal: To allow your business to succeed by filling in as your back office.  I get rid of your headaches, map out a plan to follow and offer you peace of mind.


Find out what other companies on Cape Cod already know and trust.


Email me to set up a free, no-obligation 30 minute meeting.  Let's face business challenges together, and realize the benefits of living here together too!

My friend Catherine changed the course of my life when she gave me Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma.  I began a transition from 98% industrial food consumption to buying 50% local foods from local farmers and stores.  I read food labels, join CSA's and shop at the farmer's market when I can.  I also donate time for weeding at Peachtree Circle Farm here in Falmouth and participate in Veganuary.  It matters.  


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