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Dogs vs. Daffodils

I love living in a small town on Cape Cod. In Falmouth, one of the major signs of spring is the annual Daffodil Days at Spohr Gardens. Spohr Gardens is one of those hidden treasures that locals know and love, and sometimes we share them with visitors. Daffodil Days is for everyone. The two blissful weekends of meandering through thousands and thousands of these bright, cheery blooms is irresistable and must be shared. For 2 short days out of the year. They are brilliant but so, so fleeting.

My lab Angus is yellow. His brother Finbar was too. Both are treasures to me. Angus is more white than yellow, but he is a yellow labrador. 365 days a year / 366 on leap years. Labs get me out walking, running, yardworking. They can run through fields of daffodils, or forsythia - also yellow. They can swim, adorn my kitchen, bedroom, office - not counter. They need water, like daffodils, but they also needs food. Angus loves to be admired, but mostly he loves to be loved.

If I had to pick between daffodils and dogs, it's an easy choice for me. I am clearly biased. If you let me, I could go on for days. In stead I wil add just two more benefits to yellow labradors over daffodils. 1) labs are bright and cheery in the winter too, not just a few short days in the spring and 2) labs listen & sometimes even smile.

Angus turns 7 (seven) today. If you see him while he is out and about, don't sniff him, just give him a pat or a smooch. He is the one on the left in the snow, and the smiley one below.

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