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Am I busy? Sure. Am I happy? You bet!

I try to reflect - at least a little bit - most days. It's a little check-in thing I do - make sure I am using my time wisely, working on my A list. My A list usually includes outdoor time - these days my first chance is in the morning with Angus and his cousin Kassidy. And every few days or so, the goats.

On Wednesday I was walking with a friend I hadn't seen in months. She is familiar with many pieces of my journey and we were catching up. She asked about the goat business, the wine store, Talk to Meghan. And she asked me if I was keeping busy.

I thought about it and said "Sure". I am fairly busy - balancing consulting with retail and starting a new business. And family. I am not too busy though. I could fit more in a day for sure. I definitely used to. And I know plenty of people who fit amazing amounts into every day.

Then I added to my friend "I am happy". I walk with my dogs and goats (and friends). I work on a variety of projects. I spend quality time with family. Even when a day may be tough - it's a good day. Good does not necessarily mean busy. That is an important reflection.


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