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Demand and Supply

Get my Goats Mac & Ivy still clearing brush

As summer ends, I am reflecting back on the past few months. Busy months. Intense months. Fun months. I feel like I had a true Cape Cod summer.

What was different this summer? Get my Goats was up and running. Mac, Ivy and I were BUSY. The supply of weeds, poison ivy, cat briar, wild roses, bittersweet and more was endless. It still is. The demand for clearing these naturally and effectively is also high. What a great way to spend a day - working alongside these natural brush clearers, in the outdoors, birds singing. Munch, munch, munch.

And our customers? Happy. As one customer put it: "Great service, great results." Another was "...absolutely astounded by the work."

Every Monday and Tuesday this summer - and sometimes Sunday - the goats and I loaded up in the truck, and took our talent and interests where it was really needed. We were able to meet the demands of many of our customers by supplying a goat and person team for a 1/2 day or a day. Sometimes a dog would come to help "herd".

I plan to double the goat herd in 2017. I plan to stay focused on yards and small problem areas. I plan to keep this old technology that still works... still working. I am a Capricorn with goats, an MBA and a supportive wife. Do I have a choice? Not really, not as long as there is demand for it.

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